• Passion


    We are passionate about what we do and we aim to share that passion with the world. By sharing the story of coffee from crop to cafe, we show the passion of people from all across the world and how it comes together in a cup.

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  • Community


    Our community isn’t just made up of our staff - it extends to all the members of the coffee chain that help us to share the story of coffee, from the farmers at origin to the cafe owners and baristas we work with every day. We believe in connecting the varying communities in this chain, and bringing them together to share the experience of coffee.

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  • Quality


    ONA Coffee is committed to quality coffee, at fair prices. Through our partners at origin, our training and research team and baristas and brewers across the world we strive to improve the quality of coffee globally, ensuring that hard work is reflected by fair prices and recognition.

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  • Flavour


    We work in pursuit of finding the perfect cup of coffee, exploring the array of flavours created by different coffee varietals and their processing. We strive to represent the natural terroir of where each coffee is grown through our single origin coffees, and also explore the boundaries of flavour profiles with our custom-made blends.

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  • Innovation


    Years of experimentation, successes and many failures has led us to creating innovative products and measures to improve coffee and its service. Our Research and Development team works to find new and exciting ways to approach coffee and its preparation, sharing their findings with our community and the world.

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  • Culture


    The culture of ONA Coffee is one of humility, passion and community. In the different areas of our business and wider community, we strive to reinforce this culture and our motto: ‘Connecting communities, sharing flavour.’

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  • Progression


    We are constantly moving forward, finding new ways to understand and share coffee. As we progress we aim to share our knowledge and experiments with others in the industry, as well as with our customers and the wider community.

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  • Equality


    As a business and as a community, we believe in equal opportunity for every single individual both within and exterior to the coffee industry. Only by demonstrating equality and fairness in our practices are we are able to drive our industry forward.

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  • Sharing


    For our team, the best experience possible in coffee is sharing it with others. We try to make every experience as educational and informative as possible, so that we can share the journey of coffee from crop to cup.

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  • Family


    Above all, we are a family that is connected by coffee. By treating each customer, partner and colleague like a member of the ONA Coffee family, we ensure that the global coffee chain is connected and that each member is treated with respect and fairness.

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