Ethiopia Konga Addis, Supernatual

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Red apple, dark chocolate and earl grey
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This Supernatural processed Heirloom lot is sweet, powerful and complex. Notes of red apples and dark chocolate are complimented by an earl grey tea quality on the finish.

TASTES LIKE Red apple, dark chocolate and earl grey
ROAST Espresso


Webanchi wet mill/washing station is an example of how quality coffee production can not only create incredible lots, as well as support the infrastructure and growth of coffee-growing communities. Meseret and Abraham, of Primrose Coffee Exporters, chose the spot for the site of a new washing station, so that it could have easy access to electricity – no mean feat in parts of rural Ethiopia. This means that the station can continue processing coffee after sunset, a task often made very difficult at other washing stations. 

The Webanchi mill is also located close to a school in the town of Wete, in the Konga region of Southern Ethiopia – this proximity to the school has led Primrose and our green bean partners, Project Origin to work closely with the teachers and staff to provide the support they need to educate local kids. As a result, this mill has been able to improve both quality of coffee and quality of life – what we think specialty coffee should be all about.

The ‘Addis’ lot was created using Supernatural processing – after ripe picking and extensive sorting, the cherries are stacked in thick piles to increase temperature, which helps to intensify sweetness and fruit qualities, while being shade-dried to maintain better control over the drying process. After several days, they are moved to thin layers on raised beds. This process creates powerful, fruit qualities and sweetness, expressed in this coffee as apple, chocolate and earl grey tea.

REGION Konga, Yirgacheffe
PROCESS Supernatural
ALTITUDE 1800-2000 masl
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Konga, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

While Ethiopia is famous as coffee’s birthplace, today it remains a favourite of specialty coffee industry for its incredible variety of flavours and ties to the history of coffee. The Konga region of Yirgacheffe in the country’s south is recognised for coffee with bright, fruity characteristics, often expressed in notes of stone fruit, berries and citrus.

Only an estimated 5% of coffee production is on a dedicated plantation in Ethiopia, with the majority grown as ‘garden coffee’ in the backyards of community members and often intercropped with other plants. It is also common for producers to grow coffee in a semi-forest system, in which natural forest is modified with slashing of weeds and bushes for shade regulation and coffee seedlings are introduced.

While full traceability has been difficult in recent decades, new regulations have made direct purchasing possible – as a result, we are able to connect and partner directly with farmers to help them produce top quality specialty lots, such as this Supernatural Heirloom lot.