Honduras Tio Juan, Natural

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Dried berries, raisin and dark chocolate
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This Natural processed IHCAFE 90 (IH90) lot has many dark and complex notes. Sweet, dried fruit notes like raisin and berries are present throughout the palate, and are complimented by a dark chocolate quality with every sip.    

TASTES LIKE Dried berries, raisin and dark chocolate
ROAST Milk-based


Cristian Rodriguez believed that he was not destined to follow his father and grandfather’s footsteps as a coffee producer. As a young man, he left for the USA to obtain his university degree to practice dentistry. However, after many years in this profession he realised that he missed the connection to agriculture he’d grown up with – in 2010, he gave up his career as a dentist and moved back to Honduras to be a coffee farmer.

Cristian is very enthusiastic about learning from whoever he can improve his coffee. In 2013, when hearing that ONA Coffee founder, Sasa Sestic and Director of Coffee, Sam Corra were in the Marcala area, he jumped in his car and drove six hours just to meet them. He asked for them to taste his coffee and provide any tips on how he can make it better. On that first meeting, Cristian’s coffee did not quite meet the quality mark to purchase, but he took all the feedback on graciously. Sasa made him a promise that the year he produced a 86-point lot, ONA Coffee would purchase and make sure to feature it.

The next year, we tasted Cristian’s coffees again from his farm, Tio Juan, and were able to make good on the promise to purchase. Since then, Cristian has expanded his operations – he now runs a café and coffee roasting business called Café Tio Juan, as well as producing coffee on several farms: Finca La Danta, Lot Luis Carlos and  Finca Tierra Fertil. We have purchased many of Cristian's coffees over the last eight years of friendship, and each year his processing and range become better and better – evidenced by the wonderful and complex nature of this natural processed, IH90 lot.

PRODUCER Cristian Rodríguez
REGION Siguatepeque, Montecillos
ALTITUDE 1750 masl
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Siguatepeque, Montecillos, Honduras

Honduras is the leading producer of coffee in Central America thanks to efficient land use, government support, and passionate producers. The climate is perfect for growing coffee, with volcanic soils and mountain ranges, an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, and ample rainfall.

Honduran coffee profiles differ depending on the region and micro-climate that the coffee beans were grown in, but the overall, robust flavours consist of a strong sweetness with well-balanced acidity and a rounded body. This coffee was produced in the De Montecillos Biological Reserve, a mountain range located in the center of Honduras and about 75 km northwest from Tegucigalpa. 

The IHCAFE 90 (IH90) variety is one of the most successful to have been produced by pedigree selection. A cross between Timor Hybrid 832/1 and Caturra, this variety was made by the Instituto Hondureño del Café (IHCAFE) with the goal being to improve yields, and improve resistance against invasive diseases.