Costa Rica Santa Rosa 1900, Semi Washed 200g

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Green tea, dried fig, pear and orange
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Production is a longer process at this elevation, where tree growth, cherry ripening and drying take significantly longer than lower farms. However, these challenges also push them to use precise methods, unlocking incredible potential in such a unique terroir

TASTES LIKE Green tea, dried fig, pear and orange
PROFILE The Santa Rosa micro-mill and farms are located high in the mountainous Tarrazu region of Costa Rica
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COMPONENTS Costa Rica Santa Rosa 1900, Semi Washed


The cherries are carefully hand picked and then sorted at the washing station before being processed, then coffee is separated into day lots, this means that every lot can be traced back to when it was picked and of course how big the lot was.

PRODUCER Kevin Naranjo
REGION Tarrazu
VARIETAL Catuai, SL28, Typica
PROCESS Semi Washed
ALTITUDE 1900-2000masl
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El Macho, Costa Rica

Santa Rosa 1900 is named in honour of their local town, Santa Rosa, and 1900 is the elevation of the farm and micro-mill. Sitting atop a mountain at 1900 meters above sea level and stretches up to 2000m, it is one of the most elevated in Costa Rica.


How to get the best tasting cup

AGE BEST USED 14 - 24 days after roast
DOSE 20g
WATER AMOUNT 300g total
BLOOM 60g (30 seconds)
BREW DURATION 2:10 - 2:40
POURS 5 pours of 60g (including bloom)
FREEZE DATE 18 days after roast