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A wholesale partnership with us means elevating your café's specialty coffee experience.

Join us for a purposeful and meaningful coffee partnership fuelled by connection and constant evolution through world-class coffee training and support.

As a café partner, you'll have exclusive access to an exceptional range of quality coffee selections—one of the widest in the specialty market.

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Complete Training

barista training

Our barista training covers everything from long-standing, tried-and-tested fundamental coffee knowledge to the most current techniques to set your café apart.

excellence program

Our one-of-a-kind 'Excellence Program' covers best-practice foundational principles, all the way to competition-level, boundary-pushing innovations to elevate your knowledge and distinguish you as a leader in the coffee industry.

research and development

Explore innovation with ONA Coffee's Research and Development Program. Led by our expert sales team, we examine new and established coffee topics. We rigorously test current practices, explore new areas, and share valuable insights.

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Unique Coffees

We roast coffee that best suits the intended extraction method.

Our coffees are defined by 3 roast profiles.


These coffees are specifically selected and roasted with the goal of expressing their unique qualities. Slightly lower development allows for bright and balanced filter coffee.


Designed to be brewed on an espresso machine and blended with milk, these coffees feature the presence, body, sweetness, and texture that make a great milk coffee.


Our espresso-roasted coffees are driven by structure and texture, allowing for controlled brewing to showcase each coffee origin's best qualities.

Our coffee offering is designed to preserve their unique expressions.

single origin program

We are dedicated to continuously provide a diverse range of coffee in our 'Single Origin Program'. Drawing from all major coffee producing regions, these coffees allow our partners to explore the world of coffee one flavour at a time.

reserve coffee

Reserve selection coffees are uncompromisingly excellent. Both filter and espresso options represent the absolute pinnacle of quality and process.

Drip bags

A new way to showcase and celebrate origin with ease. Drip bags make an excellent product for home brewers and coffee lovers on the go. We offer two green labels and two reserve options every quarter.

special releases

These are fun ways of highlighting interesting, exciting, and new coffee combinations, demonstrating the flexibility and innovation of specialty coffee.


Connecting with Origin

Sasa Sestic's well-known work at the farm level, amplified globally, has set deep roots at its origin, fostering connections that have given rise to some of the most innovative coffees in the world.

With the visionary leadership and expertise of Sasa Sestic and Sam Corra, we're committed to cultivating the highest quality coffees and partnerships. We seek out coffee producers who share a collective vision for shaping the future of specialty coffee.

Always Supported

When you join ONA Coffee, you enter a network of coffee professionals with years of experience as baristas, roasters, café owners and managers, and competition coaches.

account managers

You will receive full support from setting up your café to selecting the right equipment to create the best business specific for you and your café vision.

tech support

Our tech support team is always available to help you set up your café equipment and troubleshoot any issues, ensuring smooth daily operations.


Benefit from our collaborative approach. We provide strategic guidance, engaging content, and promotional assets to amplify your brand presence.


Are you interested in taking your coffee career to the next level? As an ONA partner, our team of coffee professionals will coach and guide you through the world of coffee competition.

Café Partners Testimonials

We value our café partnerships. Our upcoming video spills the beans on the incredible friendships we've brewed with some of our café partners. We're shining a light on those legendary teams that have been rocking our coffee scene for ages. It's not just about pouring the perfect cup – it's about the laughs, the conversations, and the caffeinated love we've shared along the way.

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We are delighted to have partner with Ona Coffee. a brand that not only enhances our coffee offerings but also symbolises a commitment to excellence in the art of brewing. The support we received from Ona is invaluable, elevating our focus on delivering exceptional coffee experiences in this area of Canberra.
Ginnindery Espresso
Choosing Ona Coffee for Cafe Faducci over the past five years, has been one of the best decisions we've made. Their commitment to sourcing the finest beans and their unwavering dedication to quality is evident in every cup we serve. Our customers continually rave about the rich, complex flavours of Ona Coffee, make it a cornerstone of our cafe's success.
Cafe Faducci
Undeniably coffee is one of the main elements in our business. The quality of the coffee beans and service we've received from Ona are always excellent and consistent which is in line with our business values. Now we're known around the area for quality coffee. We could not have done it without them.
Precinct 37
We are community based cafe obsessed with Ona and its sustainability programs. Their support its out of this world and we have such a great friendship with Scott too.

Exclusive Access

As a wholesale partner, you receive exclusive access to the latest coffee trends, news, findings, and educational content.

  • 50+ café focused video content
  • Research and development reports
  • Free passes for events and masterclasses
  • Special releases and merchandise

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