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ONA Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster, with headquarters in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. We have been roasting and serving specialty coffee for more than 12 years, helping businesses grow and share exceptional coffees and their stories.

A wholesale partnership with ONA Coffee is more than just coffee supply – as a partner of ONA Coffee, you become part of our global coffee community and family. Through our green bean supplier Project Origin, we will connect you to a global community of more than 200 coffee producers from more than 11 countries.

With a constantly changing range of single origin coffees, special coffee releases, events, education programs and trainings, we aim to equip and educate you with knowledge about specialty coffee, from crop to cup.

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Our Guest Roaster program

Interested in our guest roasting program? Send us a message and let's get this started!Our Guest Roaster program allows cafes and other businesses worldwide to share ONA Coffee with their customers. By exploring our range of blends and single-origin coffees, you can be a part of our changing rotation of roasters.

As a member of our Guest Roaster program, you will have complete access to our training team, quality control notes, promotional materials and, of course, our entire range of coffee!

To learn more about our program, send us an enquiry via the contact form below.

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Interested in our guest roasting program? Send us a message and let's get this started!

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