Ethiopia Koke Lot 0722, CM Jasper Natural

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Pineapple, chocolate and dark cherries
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This Carbonic Maceration (CM) processed Heirloom lot is powerful and tropical, with notes of ripe pineapple, the sweetness of dark cherries, and an undertone of rich chocolate.

TASTES LIKE Pineapple, chocolate and dark cherries
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Despite being the birthplace of all coffee, Ethiopia is unique among coffee-producing countries. Rather than seeing the well-cultivated rows of plants one might encounter in the Americas, the forest surrounding the Koke Washing Station is wild, untamed and full of naturally growing, wild coffee trees.

The coffee trees themselves are a sight to behold – they’re lanky, thin and often have several trunks extending from the ground. They are not so much planted as much as they grow wherever they choose to spawn from the earth.

To create this Carbonic Maceration (CM) Natural lot of wild Heirloom varieties, local smallholder farmers and villagers collect the coffee cherries from these forests. They then transport them to the washing station, where they undergo the CM process of extended fermentation in a sealed environment while the coffee beans (seeds) are still within the fruit. They are then dried on raised beds, before being pulped and prepared for export. 

This lot, named Jasper 0722, is categorised under a program designed by our green bean partners at Project Origin. The designation of ‘Jasper’, a red gemstone, is reminiscent of the red fruit qualities and powerful sweetness of this unique coffee.

PRODUCER Koke Washing Station
REGION Yirgacheffe, Southern Ethiopia
PROCESS CM Jasper Natural
ALTITUDE 1900 masl
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Yirgacheffe, Southern Ethiopia

The Koke washing station is named for the Koke ‘kebele’ (town) near to where it is located in the Yirgacheffe district of the Gedeo Zone, Southern Ethiopia. This region is renowned not only for the quality of its coffee, but as both the origin of all coffee throughout the world, and the most genetically diverse region for wild coffee mutations and varieties.

ONA Coffee and our green bean partners, Project Origin have a long-standing relationship with the family-owned washing station, which was built in 2011. Over the years since its establishment, it has seen many improvements and has worked to collaborate with the local, smallholder farmers to increase coffee quality and the success of its cultivation.

This lot is referenced to as a mixture ‘Heirloom’ varieties, a term traditionally applied to Ethiopian coffee varieties grown and picked from wild forests. According to estimates, there are between six and ten thousand coffee varieties in Ethiopia – each one has its own set of distinct characteristics, and new, wild mutations often occur. Due to this diversity and a lack of genetic testing, the ‘Heirloom’ is often used to encompass the great diversity of wild coffees.