Rwanda Kizbere Hill, Anaerobic Natural

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Blood plum, blackcurrant, wild strawberry and cocoa nib

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This funky Rwandan lot captures blood plum, wild strawberry and black currant fruits with a subtle yet endearing raw cocoa nib finish.

TASTES LIKE Blood plum, blackcurrant, wild strawberry and cocoa nib
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The team of mostly women meticulously sorted and managed the cherries throughout the processing stage. The coffee cherries are placed in sealed fermentation tanks for either 72 hours or 96 hours. The batches are mixed and placed on raised beds under full sun to dry. They are turned regularly for evenness and left on the bed for 20-30 days until they reach 11% humidity.

PRODUCER Tropic Coffee Company
REGION Ruhango District
VARIETAL Red Bourbon
PROCESS Anaerobic Natural
ALTITUDE 1650-1850masl
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Ruhango District, Rwanda

The Gisanga Washing Station resides in the beautiful mountain range of the Congo- Nile Divide. The fertile land is full of clay and sandy soils, and the cool humidity results in the perfect growing and processing conditions for Red Bourbon coffee trees. 

The station is responsible for providing all of the southern Rwandan coffee supply, delivering 650 tonnes of cherries each season. It purchases and processes coffee from over 850 local farmers who operate under the Koapambu Co-operative. Usually, after harvest, the cherries are delivered from the farms to the station by foot or by bicycle. Tropic Coffee Company always pays the farmers for any logistical expenses if a vehicle is required.


How to get the best tasting cup

Age Best Used 10-25 days after roast
Dose 20g
Water Amount 300g
Temperature 88-90°C
Bloom 60g (40seconds)
Brew Duration 2:00-3:00
Pours 5 pours (all 60g)
Freeze Date 11-13 days after roast