El Salvador Himalaya, Super honey

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Spun honey, milk chocolate, orange and passionfruit pulp
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This is a very interesting experience from filter coffee. You will experience a creamy spun honey, sweet orange and milk chocolate sitting atop and a subtle passionfruit pulp note that becomes more apparent in the aftertaste.

TASTES LIKE Spun honey, milk chocolate, orange and passionfruit pulp
ROAST Filter
COMPONENTS El Salvador Himalaya, Super honey


Its located on soft, volcanic clay within the Apaneca Mountains of El Salvador, Finca Himalaya cultivates much of their coffee under shade grown conditions.

PRODUCER Mauricio A. Salaverria
REGION Apaneca
VARIETAL Red caturra
PROCESS Super Honey
ALTITUDE 1500 masl


Apaneca, El Salvador

Coffee has been grown on this farm since 1875, and it has a reputation within El Salvador of being the first “specialty coffee farm” in the country. This lot is a celebration of well processed Red caturra varietal in a style that is fun and unique. Called 'Super Honey', this process involves first pulping the coffee cherries whilst leaving a thick layer of mucilage still attached to the coffee seed. This coffee is then subjected to anaerobic conditions for a number of days to increase the complexity of the cup profile.


How to get the best tasting cups

AGE BEST USED 14 - 24 days after roast
DOSE 20g
WATER AMOUNT 300g total
BLOOM 60g (30 seconds)
BREW DURATION 2:20 - 2:30
POURS 5 pours of 60g (including bloom)
FREEZE DATE 16 days after roast