El Salvador Milaydi, Washed

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Red apple, yellow peach, florals and honey

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This coffee is a refined expression of the classic espresso. Fall in love again with humble notes of red apple, clean stone fruit and a gentle honey-like sweetness.

TASTES LIKE Red apple, yellow peach, florals and honey
ROAST Espresso


Ever Leonel Diaz has placed first in the Project Origin 'Best of El Salvador' auctions several times with his exceptional Washed Pacamara coffee. Once harvested, coffee is carried up slopes by farmers or horses and is processed on the farm. Through Project Origin, we have been directly sourcing Ever's coffees since 2016 and have seen improvement in each harvest, an indicator of the tremendous mutual benefits of collaborative producing and direct trade.

PRODUCER Ever Leonel Diaz
REGION Alotepec
ALTITUDE 1300masl
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Alotepec, El Salvador

El Salvador is a small country in Central America nestled between Honduras and Guatemala. It has about 6 million people, and it only takes two days to drive from one side of the country to the other. In the 1880s, El Salvador was the 4th largest producer of coffee in the world. With its well-drained and mineral-rich volcanic soils, the country has the potential to produce some stunning coffees. El Salvador has a reputation for quality and efficiency in its coffee production and well-established relationships with importing countries. This Pacamara comes from Finca Milaydi, named after Ever's eldest daughter and located on steep terrain in the Alotepec region.