Nicaragua El Suyatal, Washed

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Chamomile tea, white nectarine, pear and caramel.
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This is an espresso for those who want something a little more "classic" soft and rounded white-fleshed fruits like nashi pear and nectarine are met with a herbaceous chamomile tea quality and sweet caramel finish.

TASTES LIKE Chamomile tea, white nectarine, pear and caramel
ROAST Espresso


El Suyatal has been owned and operated by Nicaraguan producer, Luis Emilio Valladrez Zelaya since 1997. The altitude and soil quality at the farm has enabled Luis to grow and produce high-quality coffees, including several renowned natural processed Caturra lots.

PRODUCER Luis Emilio Valladárez Zelaya
REGION Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
ALTITUDE 1300-1600masl
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Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

This Washed processed Caturra lot is picked at 18°-20° brix to ensure the optimal sweetness and maturation of the cherries. Next, the cherries are classified before being pulped and dry fermented for 48hours. The coffee is washed in channels and dried for four days under shade on African beds. The shade cover is carefully monitored and measured, allowing 73% direct sunlight through, which dries the cherries slowly and retains sufficient moisture to keep the drying even. After this period, the coffee is exposed to the sun for 18-20 days.