Rwanda Akeza, Washed

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White grape, apricot and caramel
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This Red Bourbon lot is elegant, fruit-forward and sweet. Notes of white grape intertwine with stone fruit, apricot-like qualities, accompanied by a sweetness akin to caramel on the finish.

TASTES LIKE White grape, apricot and caramel
ROAST Espresso


Nova Coffee was founded in 2015 by the wife and husband power duo, Agnes Mukamushinja and Felix Hitayezu. Together, have been producing coffee as farmers for over 25 years, and now, they support more nearly 3000 smallholder coffee farmers in their community who produce 153 tonnes of specialty grade Red Bourbon coffee, with plans in place to increase that production to 230 tonnes by 2025.

Nova Coffee pride themselves on their ethically and socially responsible practices and have a strong commitment towards gender equality, education and health for the farmers, their families and the communities. They supply coffee trees and shade cover trees to encourage more people to grow coffee, provide vegetables to grow for eating and selling, and care for native trees to promote healthy biodiversity and provide honey, a staple for Rwandan foods. The company also finances houses for the poorer families in the community, and has constructed infrastructure for the community, including an early childcare centre.

Nova’s ‘Akeza' (‘Hello’) lot, a Washed Red Bourbon coffee, is processed and sold separately from others, as it features the work of young coffee producers who learn under the guidance of experienced coffee farmers and producers. The youth contributing to this lot have been denied access to secondary education; by learning agriculture and being taught a method of sustainable work, they are empowered to continue moving forward with work and opportunity that otherwise would have been denied to them.

PRODUCER Nova Coffee
REGION Gicumbi District, Northern Rwanda
VARIETAL Red Bourbon
ALTITUDE 1800-2000 masl
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Gicumbi District, Northern Rwanda

Only a few decades ago, Rwanda was a country ravaged by civil war and genocide. Today, it has emerged as a growing economic power with ground-breaking gender and civil rights, and is fast becoming a world-class coffee producer.

While still relatively new to the specialty sector, Rwandan coffee offers remarkable cup potential that rivals other top coffee-producing regions. The country has optimal growing conditions to cultivate high-quality arabica coffee due to its rich volcanic soil, high altitudes, and abundant rainfall.

About 95% of Rwandan coffee comes from Bourbon – a highly respected Arabica variety known for its excellent cup quality. As a result, Rwandan coffees typically have bright, clean flavours, with sweet, floral characteristics and a tea-like finish.