Rwanda Gicumbi, Washed

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Red apple, toffee, green apple and lime

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This coffee is the perfect amount of zesty citrus and green apple crisp rolled in a confectionary sugar like core.    

TASTES LIKE Red apple, toffee, green apple and lime
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For this Washed Red Bourbon lot, the farmers bring their coffee cherries to the station, where they are hand sorted and separated. Only the ripe cherries are mechanically de-pulped. In concrete tanks, the coffee seeds get wet fermented for 12-18 hours. After this fermentation, coffee is thoroughly washed in concrete channels to remove any remaining mucilage. Then it rests on raised African beds where it is turned regularly every hour under the full sun for the first five days. Drying generally takes 12-21 days for the coffee to get down to the desired humidity percentage.

PRODUCER Nova Coffee
REGION Gicumbi District
VARIETAL Red Bourbon
ALTITUDE 1800-2000masl
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Gicumbi District, Rwanda

Agnes Mukamushinja and Felix Hitayezu have been producing coffee for over 25 years, and since 2015 they have supported 2,880 smallholder coffee farmers in their community through their company Nova Coffee. They pride themselves on their ethically and socially responsible practices and have a solid commitment to gender equality, education and health for the farmers, their families and the communities. They finance housing for the least advantaged families and construct the infrastructure necessary to progress. Nova supplies trees to encourage more people to grow coffee and provides smallholders with vegetables to grow to eat or sell.


How to get the best tasting cup

Age Best Used 10-24 days after roast
Dose 20g
Water Amount 300g
Temperature 89-91°C
Bloom 60g (40seconds)
Brew Duration 2:00-3:00
Pours 5 pours (60g, 60g, 60g, 60g, 60g)
Freeze Date 9-12 days after roast