Honduras San Francisco, Natural

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Red wine, blackberry, dark cherry and milk chocolate

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This Honduras filter is for the deep fruited and rich coffee lovers. It shows an array of black cherry, blackberry, deep wine-like overtones and a soft milk chocolate finish.    

TASTES LIKE Red wine, blackberry, dark cherry and milk chocolate
ROAST Filter


To process this Pedernal lot, they first pick only red cherries and separate them by farm sections. The coffee is further hand-sorted to select the coffee taken to the mill. It is then dried on raised beds for airflow and turned every few hours to ensure evenness. Don Fabio’s raised beds are located at his home, which has a better temperature and allows for a higher level of control. Once the cherries reach 20% humidity, the final drying stages occur in the mechanical  Guardiolas. These are big rotating drums with adjustable amounts and rates of hot air. He ensures to dry his coffees on low settings and very slowly to allow the beans to absorb the sweetness and fruitiness from the pulp and skin. The total drying stage happens over 20-30 days.    

PRODUCER Don Fabio Caballero
REGION Marcala
ALTITUDE 1500-1650masl
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Marcala, Honduras

When it comes to coffee production, Don Fabio believes in supporting three key pillars: the life of the producer, the lives of the workers and the life of the environment. He believes buyers should support the producer, the producer should support the workers, and everyone should support the environment.

He replants every six to seven years because he believes the trees are stronger and more resilient to climate change, as they can adapt faster than older plants. He maintains vast trees to provide both shade and ground cover. The fallen leaves give organic nutrients back into the soil and protect the earth from moisture loss. By utilising these strategies alongside the Guardiolas, Don Fabio takes full advantage of the environment and extends the shelf life of his coffees.