Drip Bag - Panama Finca Bambito, Washed

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Jasmine, sweet tangerine, nectarine and yellow plum
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This Geisha presents a lovely jasmine floral aroma, sweet tangerine acidity, nectarine and yellow plum flavours.

TASTES LIKE Jasmine, sweet tangerine, nectarine and yellow plum
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Only red cherries are picked, which then are floated to separate low-density ones. They are mechanically processed, removing skin and all mucilage from the bean. The coffee is dried on raised beds until moisture reaches 10 to 12%; this usually takes 12 to 15 days. Finally, the beans are stored in their parchment until milling in preparation for exportation.

PRODUCER Priscila Sitton Vega de Amar
REGION Chiriqui
ALTITUDE 1660-1800 masl
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Bambito Estate Coffee has been family owned since the early 1900s. Alberto Sittón Rios acquired the farm from his father in 1945 in the mountains of Bambito, Chiriqui Province, Panama. It was Alberto’s passion to continue a family tradition. Nowadays, it is still a family business, with fourth and fifth generations running the farm.

The coffee plantation is between two national forest parks and crossed by two mountain ridges from east to west, creating two natural microclimates. These ridges protect their coffee trees from the summer north winds. They also have two water springs, the primary water source for the mill. 

El Bambito is committed to providing a healthy and social work environment, respectful of the land, incorporating their Social Responsibility Program, providing breakfast to the nearby elementary school students and organizing Christmas gatherings to provide food and gifts to the whole community.