Celebrating 15 Years of Ona Coffee

Ona Coffee

A Journey of Innovation, Community, and Excellence

In 2006, Saša Sestic encountered a coffee revelation that would forever alter the course of his life. This remarkable moment unfolded when he savoured a cup of specialty coffee so superb that it required no added sugar to enhance its flavour. This singular experience ignited a passion within Saša, propelling him to introduce the world of specialty coffee to Canberra and beyond. Little did he know that this fervour would ultimately birth Ona Coffee—a company firmly anchored in the pillars of innovation, community and excellence.


A Vision Takes Shape

Saša's mission was clear: to create exceptional coffee and share it with as many people as possible. To turn his dream into reality, he founded Ona Coffee. Saša's three core values were instilled at that moment and have remained foundational to Ona ever since. Working closely with Sam Corra, Ona's present-day Director of Coffee, Saša began roasting Ona's first lots in his garage in 2007. A year of hard work allowed Saša to establish a permanent base for Ona in Fyshwick, ACT, in 2008.

Saša's passion and commitment to coffee were evident from the beginning he remembers, "When I first started coffee hunting, I just wanted to buy really nice coffees. But then when you do this for a while, you develop this relationship and you see that you are able to change someone's life."

15 Years of Growth and Transformation

Today, fifteen years later, Ona Coffee has evolved and grown remarkably in size and spirit. We're now a team, a community, and we've continuously pursued new adventures and challenges in the drive to discover and share exceptional flavours with people all over the world. By keeping a firm connection to the core foundational pillars Saša established at the very beginning, we have been able to continue to grow in positive ways.

These pillars of innovation, community and excellence propel us every day, and we're proud to have built a remarkable team of coffee enthusiasts and professionals who revel in the breaking of specialty coffee boundaries. Coffees, processing techniques, and equipment come and go, but Ona Coffee is what it is today because of the people who pour their hearts into our company. "Enriching people's lives, connecting communities and innovating for a sustainable future:" We don't just repeat this call to action, we live it.

A Grateful Acknowledgment

Today, fifteen years on, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal coffee drinkers who have been with us every step of the way. It's your journey as much as ours. We owe our success to you, our coffee partners and the incredible friends we've made in every corner of the world, at every step in the supply chain. With every single individual's hard work, passion, and dedication, Ona Coffee is the thriving community it is today.

We have been blessed along the way by strong relationships with and unwavering support from incredible coffee producers. We want to celebrate those farmers and growers who allow us the opportunity to work with the most exciting and rare coffees, and build experiences through a variety of collaborative and experimental processes.

"Specialty coffee is an industry where we depend on each other; relationships, trust, and teamwork are essential parts of any stage in our coffee chain. No matter where we stand in the coffee chain, everyone is equally important." - Saša Sestic

As we celebrate fifteen years of Ona, we cannot help but look forward to many more years of innovation, community building, and excellence in the world of specialty coffee. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here's to a future filled with ever more remarkable coffee experiences.

Join us in celebrating our 15th anniversary by raising a cup to the values that continue to drive us forward – innovation, community, and excellence.

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