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The STEM was created to increase workflow, improve cleanliness and protect your scales, so that you can measure every dose accurately without damaging your equipment.

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Allowing you to concentrate on what matters most: creating the perfect cup of coffee.

STEM is a tool designed to be a barista’s best friend in a busy café. Developed by coffee industry professionals and Nucleus’s Research and Development team, its lightweight yet robust design helps increase productivity and café workflow by providing a stable platform to hold cups while at the coffee machine.

HEIGHT Adjustable between 9.5 and 13.5 cm
APPROX WEIGHT 515g (+-10g)
Waterproof Yes
MATERIAL Aluminum alloy, stainless steel (screws)
Colour Matte black
Suitable for Sanremo Cafe Racer, Sanremo Opera, Vittoria Arduino Black Eagle, Slayer, Kees van der Westen, La Marzocco Strada, La Marzocco Leva (height adjustment feet available for other machines)