Iris Estate Lot Aril and Enigma, Panama, CM Natural

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Strawberry, plum and pineapple

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From our dear friend, the world-renowned Jamison Savage, and our very own CEO, Saša Šestić, we have created a unique and exotic filter experience, combining lot Enigma and lot Aril from Iris Estate. Immerse yourself in a fruity cup with notes of pineapple, sweet strawberries, and plum with an incredibly floral aroma.

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Iris Estate is a coffee farm co-owned by Ona Coffee founder Saša Šestić, producer Jamison Savage, and founder of Cloud Catcher, Elvin Siew. At the end of 2016 Jamison, Sasa and Elvin came together to purchase a vacant plot of land only about 10 or 15km from the border of Boquete and Volcan. 

This farm presented a unique opportunity for the trio to continue to explore the possibilities of coffee and terroir and processing-driven expressions they could develop. Iris Estate is a stunning farm atop what seems to be an old dormant volcano. As you enter the steep climb up to the farm you are greeted with a completely flat oval in the centre all at 1800 masl, with a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains that are as high as 2300 masl. 

In 2017, planting began with many exotic varieties being planned to be cultivated, including Pacamara, Yellow Catuai, Sudan Rume and SL28 mapped out in the flatter oval area. However, the steep mountain areas on the outer part were planted with Green-tip geisha, at an altitude between 1850-2150 masl. In 2020 we saw the first harvest of the Geisha trees – despite their young age, the quality of the coffees from this farm were already looking very promising. Between 2021-2022 the Geisha of Iris Estate started to show more sophistication and structure, including a powerful, floral backbone and a core that was very sweet. 

The current harvest is by far the most exciting yet – in addition to the intense florality and sweetness of previous years, we now see greater focus and depth to the complexity of each profile. These lots were created using a Natural Carbonic Maceration (CM) process. The coffee undergoes a maceration fermentation process, enhancing the body and richness of the coffee and creating a truly indulgent experience.  

PRODUCER Jamison Savage and Saša Šestić
VARIETAL Green Tip Geisha
PROCESS Carbonic Maceration (CM) Natural
ALTITUDE 2000 masl
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Volcán, Panama

Panamanian coffee can be traced back to 1780, when the first batch of Typica coffee was introduced by European immigrants. Situated in Central America with favourable natural conditions, including abundant sunshine, soil and altitude, this region is regarded as one of the most perfect spots in the world for growing high-quality, exquisite coffee. 

The Geisha coffee produced in Panama has begun to lead the world trend in specialty coffee and has successfully attracted the attention of coffee lovers around the world. The Volcán and Boquete regions, which border Finca Iris, are the oldest and most famous coffee production areas in Panama and the source of some of the most renowned Geisha lots. 

The nearby Baru Volcano is the highest mountain range in Panama, and the residue from its early volcanic activities and eruptions have also provided an abundance of rich, fertile soil for planting. The soil is rich in minerals and volcanic ash, and especially rich in phosphorous and sulphur. When mixed with clay, and with an optimal climate, the area provides an environment conducive for quality coffee growing. The dense forest and many animal species will also provide much biodiversity.