Kenya: Thangeini CM Washed Lot 103

Brew Method.Aeropress , Brew Method.French Press , Brew Method.Pour Over , Coffee Type.Filter , Origin.East Africa , Taste Notes.Fruity , Taste Notes.Raw Sugar , Taste Notes.Tropical


This Kenyan is the control expression. Comprised of both SL28 and SL34 Varieties, this particular lot results from many years of experimentation with the team at the Thagieni washing station and our sister company Project Origin. The first Carbonic Maceration experiment occurred here late in the harvest of 2018. Two years later, and drawing insight from the successes and failures of CM Process, ONA Coffee can offer you one of the best expressions of Kenyan coffee we have ever tasted.
TASTES LIKE Raw Sugar, Green apple, Peach, Tropical
PROFILE This lot is anchored around the natural refinement seen from high-quality expressions of SL28 and SL34, boasting beautifully vibrant sparkling acidity structure and deep-set sweetness. With additional flavour complexity able to be offered from the whole cherry anaerobic fermentation that brings a lovely refined tropical character to the classic stone fruit qualities often present in the coffees of Thagieni wet mill.
ROAST Filter
COMPONENTS Thangeini CM Washed Lot 103


How to get the best tasting cup

AGE BEST USED 10 - 30 days after roast
DOSE 17g
WATER AMOUNT 250g total
BLOOM 50g (30 seconds)
BREW DURATION 2:20 - 2:50
POURS 5 pours of 50g (including bloom)
FREEZE DATE 16 days after roast

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