A whole new, coffee, world


The specie, c.eugenioides, has opened up our minds about how we approach coffee. The tree traces back to the landraces of Africa and, combined with Robusta (c. canephora), create Arabica.

Although related, this specie is very different to c.arabica, producing smaller, more delicate cherries, less yield per tree, a much deeper root system resulting in a dramatically different profile to any coffee we have ever tasted.

In collaboration with Finca Inmaculada, Hugh Kelly and Fernando Oka tweaked its processes, extending fermentation periods and trialling the best approach. Eventually, a light was shone on this coffee, balancing its flavours so perfectly.

Confident in their discoveries, Kelly took c.eugenioides to the World Barista Championships in Milan after qualifying as Australian Champion.

In the event, Kelly placed 3rd against two other mighty contenders using this newly refined version of the specie. In his presentation, Kelly remarked on the possibility of the many unexplored species out there and how careful processing precision could give each coffee the chance to excel in the cup.