Panama Finca Deborah Opal Enigma, CM Natural

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Dried rose, pineapple, mixed berry and yellow nectarine
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Be enticed by the perfumed aromatics of dried roses, mixed berries and yellow stone fruits, accompanied by a linger that feels like eating multiple sweet and perfectly ripe berries simultaneously.    

TASTES LIKE Dried rose, pineapple, mixed berry and yellow nectarine
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Enigma lot is a process that was initially first produced exclusively for competition before becoming commercially available. The coffee entails a 250 + hour Carbonic Maceration ferment in specific temperature-controlled parameters showcasing an array of flavours that collectively represent the broad spectrum of notes we see from Jamison's Deborah farm and different lots all packed into one coffee.

PRODUCER Jamison Savage
ALTITUDE 1900masl
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Volcán, Panama

Jamison Savage is an ex-pat from the United States who has dedicated the last ten years to building Finca Deborah in Panama. Located at 1,950m, the farm is one of Panama's highest and more isolated farms. It runs on solar power and within a balanced ecosystem, where Jamison believes that coffee trees are at their best when surrounded by the local flora and fauna; pesticides are not used on the farm. This sustainable approach, mixed with advanced technological practices, makes Jamison one of the most impressive coffee producers in the world. He provides workers with high-quality living quarters, above-average wages, medical care and transport. Workers are also encouraged to grow fruit and vegetables on the property – corn, beans, squash, oranges and papaya. These practices help train and retain the skilled workers it needs while ensuring that the workers can improve their quality of life. Finca Deborah has always been a destination for fine and high-quality coffees that are annually showcased on the world stage in various coffee competitions around the globe. 



How to get the best tasting cup

Age Best Used 10-24 days after roast
Dose 20g
Water Amount 300g
Bloom 60g (40seconds)
Brew Duration 2:00-3:00
Pours 5 pours (all 60g)
Freeze Date 10-13 days after roast