Costa Rica Corazon de Jesus, Natural

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Brulee sugar, baked apple, poached pear and baking spices.
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The humid, tropical climate of the Brunca region give coffees produced here a complex citrus flavour ranging from very mild to incredibly sweet. 

TASTES LIKE Brulee sugar, baked apple, poached pear and baking spices
ROAST Espresso


Costa Rica has eight coffee regions, each of which produces unique characteristics and flavours. Corazón de Jesús micro mill belongs to the Alvarado Fonseca family. This family decided to learn the art of processing coffee and open their small micro mill on November 26th, 2015.

PRODUCER Alvarado Fonseca Family
REGION Chirripo, Brunca
ALTITUDE 1850 masl
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Chirripo Brunca, Costa Rica

Fonseca family is dedicated to processing high-quality coffees from the Brunca region, which produces a unique coffee recognised for its excellent quality. Corazón de Jesús has four coffee farms; 3 of them already produce coffee, and one is still waiting.

For this Natural Lot, the whole cherries are first kept overnight in a grain pro bag right after being harvested and cleaned. Whit this starts a brief anaerobic fermentation for about 10-12hrs. They are then layered on the drying tables for 12hrs and put bag in grain pro for another night of short Anaerobic fermentation. Then the cherries are spread on the drying beds for ten days and moved about three times per day. This process is finished after drying for 20 days in patios.