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Compass + Iris Estate Bundle

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Immerse yourself into a sensory experience with Iris Estate's first-ever commercial offering paired with a magnificent tool designed to accompany you through your tasting journey.

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More about The Compass

Sometimes tasting can be a bit overwhelming. Our perception of flavour fluctuates as what we drink changes temperature. That's why we can find a variety of notes in a single coffee (or drink). The Compass accompanies you in those moments by displaying an accurate temperature reading to guide and provide reference points for a better sensory experience.

More about Iris Estate

Iris Estate is a collaboration farm between Sasa Sestic, Jamison Savage and Elvin Siew. At the end of 2016, they purchased a vacant plot of land near Morgan Estate in Panama. The farm presents a unique opportunity for the trio to explore the possibilities of coffee, terroir and processing innovations. The land is stunning and sits on what seems to be an old dormant volcano. It feels like a natural amphitheatre or royal crown. In 2017 many exotic varieties, including Pacamara, Yellow Catuai, Sudan Rume, SL28 and Green Tip Geisha, were planted.