3 x 200g bags

Can’t decide between our new ‘Winter Warmers’ coffee blends? Well, now you don’t have to.

Enjoy one of each of the ‘Winter Warmers’ blends, each roasted for a different style of preparation and carefully blended to replicate the flavours of some of our favourite cocktails. Don’t worry, all the blends are 100% coffee, alcohol free and have no added flavouring!

This pack contains:

ESPRESSO – Hot Toddy blend (200g)
MILK-BASED – Irish Coffee blend (200g)
FILTER – Mulled Wine blend (200g)

Keen to make your own cocktails? Check out video recipes from our Head Roaster, Danny Wilson as he uses each of these blends for coffee-based cocktails! Click here.

$60.00 AUD

  • Flavour profile

    ESPRESSO (Hot Toddy blend) – Lemon, brandy, honey syrup, bergamot, cinnamon

    MILK-BASED (Irish Coffee blend) – Honeycomb, Irish cream liqueur, chocolate, dried muscatel

    (Mulled Wine blend) – Merlot, blackberry, plum, orange, allspice

  • Brew guide
    Espresso! Drink 12+ days after roast date
    Milk-based! Drink 18+ days after roast date (trust us!)
    Filter! Drink 8+ days after roast date
  • Blend components
    • ESPRESSO - Hot Toddy blend
      Panama Savage Coffees ‘Sprectrum’, Geisha, CM (25%)
      Colombia La Fantasia Lot 318, Castillo, CM (50%)
      Ethopia Diamond 1419/0311, Heirloom, CM (25)
    • MILK-BASED - Irish Coffee blend
      Ethiopia Jasper 0811, Heirloom, CM (40%)
      Honduras La Leona, Lempira, Natural (15%)
      Honduras Finca Androz, Obata Rojo, Natural (15%)
      Panama, Savage Coffees ‘Apex’, Geisha, Natural (15%)
      Colombia La Fantasia Lot 0311, Castillo, CMW (15)%)
    • FILTER - Mulled Wine blend
      Colombia La Fantasia Lot 318, Castillo, CM (35%)
      Ethiopia Jasper 1211, Heirloom, CM (35%)
      Panama, Morgan Estate ‘Stratus’, Geisha, CMN (15%)
      Kenya, Thageini AB, SL28/SL34, Washed (15%)