Reserve Subscription

9 x 80g FILTER (Three part series)

The ‘Reserve Subscription’ series is a short-term offering of rare, exciting and experimental coffee selected by our Director of Coffee, Sam Corra. Each lot in this subscription has been selected for expression as a filter coffee in order to highlight terroir and processing, in order to share these rarely seen coffees with those that love to brew. Each part of this three-stage release comes equipped with a scannable QR-code, which directs you towards an online tutorial with Sam on how to brew each coffee.

RELEASE ONE (3 x 80g) – July 1
Colombia Villa Consuelo, Washed Pink Bourbon
Honduras Finca Arianita, Washed Bourbon
Ethiopia Guji ‘Indigo T104’, CM Natural Heirloom

RELEASE TWO (3 x 80g) – July 15
Honduras La Huerta, CM Catimor
Kenya Thagieni Lot 032, CM Washed SL28/SL34
Honduras San Francisco, Honey Geisha

RELEASE THREE (3 x 80g) – July 29
Panama ‘Opal’ Enigma, CM Natural Geisha
Ethiopia ‘Crimson’, Natural Heirloom
El Salvador ‘Amber’ Lot 476, CM Pacamara

*Please note this is a one-time payment for all three releases, to be despatched in three shipments.

  • Flavour profile

    RELEASE ONE (3 x 80g) – July 1
    Colombia Villa Consuelo, Washed Pink Bourbon – orange soda, panela sugar, cherry blossom, oolong tea
    Honduras Finca Arianita, Washed Bourbon – lychee, yellow peach, lime, pineapple
    Ethiopia Guji ‘Indigo T104’, CM Natural Heirloom – kiwi, strawberry, jackfruit, dark cacao

    RELEASE TWO (3 x 80g) – July 15
    Honduras La Huerta, CM Catimor – red apple, florals, plum, English Breakfast tea
    Kenya Thagieni Lot 032, CM Washed SL28/SL34 – blackcurrant, lime, green apple, lactic
    Honduras San Francisco, Honey Geisha – jasmine, white peach, mandarin, lemongrass

    RELEASE THREE (3 x 80g) – July 29
    Panama ‘Opal’ Enigma, CM Natural Geisha – merlot, blackberry, kiwi, pineapple, green melon, rose
    Ethiopia ‘Crimson’, Natural Heirloom – peach, papaya, mixed berries, cacao nibs
    El Salvador ‘Amber’ Lot 476, CM – sweet orange, nectarine, toffee, baking spices

  • Quality score

    Coffee beans are judged on a 100-point scoring system that assesses body, balance, uniformity, sweetness, clarity and acidity. Coffee scoring 80+ points is considered specialty coffee.

  • Brew guide
    Each release comes with a scannable QR code that leads to a brew guide with our Director of Coffee, Sam Corra
  • Origins
    • RELEASE ONE Despatched July 1
      Jesus Arbey Iquira grows this pink bourbon varietal in the municipality of Acevdeo, in  the department of Huila. The cherries are harvested between October and December, before undergoing an experimental washed proces,s in which various batches are mixed together for up to 48 hours of fermentation.
      Varietal: Pink bourbon
      Altitude: 1750masl
      This incredible washed bourbon placed first in the Project Origin ‘Best of Honduras: Late Harvest’ auction in 2019. In order to create this lot, producer Kelvin Pined de-pulped the cherries and placed the coffee beans into cement tanks to enhance fermentation, before further washing, extended solar drying and regular movement to ensure consistent drying.
      Varietal: Bourbon
      Altitude: 1750masl
      Coffees from the ‘Indigo’ category of Project Origin’s ‘CM Selection’s includes coffees that have intense flavour, powerful fruit qualities and a profile of purple and blue fruits. This heirloom varietal is produced by Muje Masina washing station in the region of Guji, in southern Ethiopia, which has produced several coffees for World Barista Champioship finalists.
      Varietal: Heirloom
      Altitude: 1950-2300masl
    • RELEASE TWO Despatched July 15
      La Huerta’, or ‘the garden’ coffee farm is operated by the Lanza family in the region of Santa Barbara, Honduras. The Lanzas have used extended carbonic maceration processing to demonstrate the potential of the Catimor varietal, which has historically been considered as a low-quality coffee.
      Varietal: Catimor
      Altitude: 1550masl



      This washed carbonic maceration process, combined lot of SL28/SL34 coffee varietals is processed at the Thagieni Mill in Central Kenya.  Rich, volcanic and phosphorous rich soil creates incredibly vibrant and clean flavour profile, and the extended fermentation adds complexity and depth to the sweetness and acidity.
      Varietal: SL28/SL34
      Altitude: 1650-1800masl
      This honey processed geisha is grown by legendary coffee producer, Don Fabio Caballero on his farm San Francisco in the region of Marcala, Honduras. He creates coffee with a holistic, natural philosophy – that in its plant form, coffee is perfect, and it is our duty to pay respect to this perfection until the final cup.
      Varietal: Geisha
      Altitude: 1300-1450masl


    • RELEASE THREE Despatched July 29
      This exceptional lot is produced by Jamison Savage at his legendary farm, Finca Deborah in the Volcan region of Panama. Categorised as an ‘Opal’ lot by Project Origin’s ‘CM Selections’ series, the flavour expression of this coffee changes dramatically as it cools, with a wide spectrum of colours and flavour notes.
      Varietal: Geisha
      Altitude: 1900-2000masl


      This natural processed lot is grown by small producers in their backyards and wild forests in southern Ethiopia before being combined at washing stations. Named for its flavour profile, the ‘Crimson’ lot has complex and vibrant tasting notes that remind us of a deep, rich crimson colour.
      Varietal: Heirloom
      Altitude: 1950-2300masl


      Grown and processed at the picturesque coffee farm ‘Los Pirineos’, this carbonic maceration lot is one of our favourite coffees from El Salvador. Gilberto Baraona has worked in collaboration with Project Origin and ONA Coffee to apply extended fermentation to his renowned pacamara, creating a vibrant and complex flavour profile.
      Varietal: Pacamara
      Altitude: 1300-1600masl