Hario V60 Dripper white ceramic

Hario V60 Ceramic White features an advanced Japanese design to facilitate the production of quality pour over coffee. This Hario pour over coffee brewing device great for camping or use at the office or home. Being made from strong ceramic means this V60 dripper is ready to carry anywhere and drip straight into your cup with ease.

The Japanese-made porcelain conducts heat during the brewing process, and spiraled ridges on the inside of the cone direct the water throughout grounds ensuring even extraction and well-balanced filter coffee.

The pour over coffee method is simple by nature however is one of the most popular manual methods for making coffee. With the ability to adjust recipes easily depending on the roast or origin of coffee you will be able to extract the maximum flavours.

The Ceramic V60 is famous for the angle of the cone, the large hole at the bottom, and the ribbing on the side walls all help to ensure an even extraction. This angle and design has been formulated since Hario began and refined into the V60 style you see today. Through a consistent pour, the design ensures an even extraction resulting in a refined coffee.

The Hario Ceramic V60 pour over cone is a simple way to produce a good quality brew. It is an easy way to produce quality pour over coffee wherever you may be. It requires no special tools and produces a cup similar to a press pot. The filter paper removes large particles of coffee and any unwanted oils to ensure a clean coffee.

Designed for use with V60 size 01 paper filters. 10cm diameter, 8cm high. Ceramic. Made in Japan. Model: VDC-01W

$26.20 AUD