Sam Corra is a finalist of the World Brewers Cup Championship 2017, in Budapest!!

The Head Roaster of ONA Coffee used a coffee from Finca Deborah, in the Volcan region of Panama. This coffee, created with renowned producer Jamison Savage, introduces a new form of coffee processing: Whole cherry carbonic maceration. 

This process was produced as a collaboration between ONA Coffee, Project Origin and Finca Deborah, as a way to enhance the flavour, aromatics, quality of acidity and overall experience of coffee.

“The whole cherry washed carbonic maceration process is an innovative step forward in alternative processing,” producer Jamison Savage said.

“It unlocks deeper layers within the grain, advancing the already complex and exciting experience of carbonic maceration.”

The process involves temperature controlled environments with CO2, to control the rate of fermentation. ONA Coffee is excited to experiment with the Project Origin team and producers around the globe to explore this new and exciting process.

Sam also used a coffee from Finca Deborah in his nationals-winning performance at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2017; however, he did not use the whole cherry carbonic coffee at the national event, preferring instead to present it on the world stage.

His performance centred around the key factors involved in creating an exceptional coffee experience, including attention to micro climate, processing, brewing technique and brewing water.

The finalists include, in no particular order:

Sam Corra – Australia
Constantin Hoppenz – Germany
Petra Strelecka – Czech Republic
Chad Wang – Taiwan
Stathis Koremtas – Greece
Michael Manhart – Austria

Tomorrow the six finalists will compete for the title of World Brewers Cup Champion. Good luck to all the competitors!