Irish Coffee

“Whenever I make an Irish coffee I’m always on the lookout for an espresso with a rich, full flavour and this blend is the perfect place to start. The ‘Irish Coffee’ blend will pair well with a wide range of your favourite whiskies, meaning you have options to really experiment with different variations of this classic coffee cocktail.”

What you’ll need:
Double Espresso – Irish Coffee Blend
Paper coffee filter
30ml Whiskey
40ml Brown Sugar syrup
Hot Water
100ml Pure Cream
Cocktail Shaker/ sealable jar or bottle
250ml Glass
Spoon (preferably a soup spoon)


  1. Create Sugar syrup by combining equal parts brown sugar and hot water and stir till dissolved

  2. Preheat your glass with hot water then filter then pour your espresso through the coffee filter into the glass, you can gently fold and press the espresso through the filter if it becomes clogged

  3. Discard the filter and measure out 30ml Whiskey and 40ml sugar into the glass

  4. Top up with hot water up to 1cm below the rim of the glass and stir to combine

  5. Take your cream straight from the fridge and place in the shaker and shake for 15-20secs, the cream should be slightly thicker and whipped but still easily poured

  6. Hold your spoon just above the surface of the coffee and gently pour the cream over it, the cream will float and create a layer above the coffee

  7. Enjoy drinking your Irish Coffee, sipping through the cream layer and tasting the delicious coffee and whiskey below

Hot Toddy

“This drink is adapted from one of the cocktails I served at the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship in Berlin last year. By combining the flavours of coffee, oat-infused vodka and dried fruit this warm drink has a surprising flavour that reminds me of sitting down to breakfast at my local cafe.”

What You’ll Need:
Double Espresso – Hot Toddy
100ml Underground Spirits Caramel Vodka
20g Rolled Oats
100g Dried Pears
10g Grated Fresh Ginger
30g White Sugar
Hot Water
Fine mesh strainer


(Do 24-48 hrs ahead)

  1. Combine Oats and Caramel Vodka in sealed container to infuse

  2. Combine Pears, Ginger 200ml Water and a pinch of salt in second container to infuse

  3. Leave both containers in fridge for at least 24-48 hours

  4. Strain each container into separate bottles using fine mesh strainer

  5. Add sugar to pear ginger syrup and stir to dissolve


  1. Combine 30ml Oat Vodka, 50ml Pear ginger syrup and heat in microwave for 30secs of over low heat until warm

  2. Add Hot Toddy Espresso and stir to combine, dilute with 50ml hot water or to desired taste.

  3. Enjoy your warm, spiced winter drink in your favourite mug.

Mulled Wine

“The layers of fruit flavours in this coffee blend make it perfect base for a caffeinated mulled wine. I’ve chosen to pair this with a sweet vermouth and dark rum to build a drink that is citrusy and sweet with a delicious winey aftertaste.”

What you’ll need:

Filter Brew – Mulled Wine
100ml Dark rum
100ml Sweet Vermouth
Half an Orange (peeled)
1 Cinnamon stick
2 Allspice berries
Vanilla Extract
20g Sugar
Orange Peel


  1. Combine all ingredients apart from coffee and orange peel in a saucepan over low heat and gently simmer for 30mins

  2. Prepare 300ml of brewed coffee in a large vessel

  3. Strain the saucepan into the coffee to complete your mulled wine

  4. Serve into mugs or glasses and garnish with leftover orange peel for a delicious warming and winey coffee!