The new blend is being released as the latest addition to our range of blends, to celebrate the opening of ONA Coffee Marrickville in Sydney.

Unico is a seasonal, roasters selection blend, with rotating beans to showcase rare and exciting coffees.

“Unlike our current blends, this concept blend has the room to evolve in flavour and change into something new with each new release,” says Sam Corra, ONA Coffee Head Roaster.

“Sometimes it will be a blend specifically made to be prepared as espresso, sometimes for milk-based beverages, it really depends on what green [beans] we mix and how best it will work for each beverage.”

The first release of the Unico blend will showcase a mixture of  Geisha, Catuai and Heirloom coffees from Brazil, Ethiopia, Panama and Honduras sourced by Project Origin.

“We’re calling our first Unico release Black Forest, as it has a flavour profile like a Black Forrest Cake with berry undertones,” Sam says.

Bags of the Unico will be available in 200-gram bags at ONA Coffee Marrickville, its online store, and hopefully nationwide in due course.

“All of our shops will be stocking this release of the Unico in the coming weeks,” Sam says. “We’re hoping that people are excited by the idea of a ‘roasters choice’ blend and that they enjoy a changing blend that expresses a bit of creativity.”

To purchase a 200-gram bag of the first release of the Unico blend, visit