The Top 12 qualifiers for the National Barista, Brewers’ Cup, Cup Tasters and Latte Art Championships were announced by the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) on Wednesday, November 29.

Sarah Baker, editor of Beanscene Magazine, announced the rankings via livestream on the ASCA Facebook page.

This is the first time the rankings have been announced ahead of the national competitions, which will take place at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE), to be held in March 2018 in Melbourne.

“This is an exciting time for ASCA and its competitors. For the first time we actually know where competitors are ranked ahead of the ASCA Australian Coffee Championships at MICE,” says ASCA President Brent Williams.

“I’m confident the ranking system will encourage our baristas to push even further and produce their best at the regional competitions. This new system will elevate Australia’s coffee championships to another level. It’s game on.”

In the National Barista Competition, the top 12 qualifiers are:

1. Angus Mackie, ONA Coffee
2. Craig Simon
3. Tilly Sproule
4. Anthony Douglas,
5. Matthew Lewin
6. Danny Wilson, ONA Coffee
7. Adam Mettle
8. Jack Simpson
9. Todd Sauter/Matt Homes
10. Weihao Gin, ONA Coffee 
11. Raihaan East
12. Hyemi Lee

In the Brewers Cup Competition, the top 12 are:

1. Archie Chiu
2. Zenki Ho
3. Chanho Hong
4. Isaac Kim, ONA Coffee
5. David Train
6. Harry Ko
7. Heath Dalziel
8. Alex Murfet
9. Ben Cheong
10. Matthew Troughton
11. Sarah Jin
12. Devin Loong, ONA Coffee / Luke Scott

Other qualifiers in our coffee family include Sangchul (Mitchell) Lee, a recent addition to Highroad, the latest cafe by ONA Coffee. Mitch qualified 4th in the Cup Tasters Competition and we’ll be sure to be there cheering him on in Melbourne.

Congratulations also to our customers and friends Hyemi and Heath of Devour Cafe and Third Time Lucky in Adelaide, who qualified for the Barista Championship and Brewers Cup Top 12 respectively.

ONA Coffee will be exhibiting at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, so in between watching all the competitors, be sure to pass by and have a coffee with us.

Congratulations to all the competitors, and see you at Nationals!



Image supplied by Jeff Hann