ONA Coffee Executive Barista, Angus Mackie placed 1st after an impressive performance, during which he focused on natural processed coffees. Speaking after the performance, he said that he wanted to focus on natural processed coffees.

One of my goals was to highlight and celebrate natural coffees,” said Angus. “I wanted to find a natural that would normally be used for filter that could be impressive as an espresso.”

For his espressos, Angus used a striped bourbon – a wild mutation of the bourbon varietal, from La Palma coffee farm in Colombia.  He emphasised the chrysanthemum qualities of this coffee in his signature course. For his milk-based course, he used a coffee from the Areka region of Ethiopia.

In second place was ONA Coffee Assistant Roaster, Danny Wilson. Interested in exploring the variety of flavours in Ethiopian coffees, Danny said that he “…enjoyed the interesting profiles of the ‘heirloom’ coffees” that come from this region.

In third place was Weihao ‘Gin’, barista at ONA Manuka. A first time competitor, Gin’s presentation centred around the colour spectrum involved in the flavour profiles of coffee. Using a bound booklet with different pages for each course, Gin invited each of the judges to interpret each course as the different colours of a sunset, ranging from the beginnings of a sunset to his ‘starry night’ signature drink.

Special mention goes to Matt Sharp of Greenhouse in Canberra, who placed fourth in his first regional barista competition. We enjoyed his energy and connection with the judges and we look forward to seeing him on stage in the future.

Congratulations to all the competitors today in both the barista and latte art competitions. We look forward to seeing the cup tasters and brewers’ cup competitions tomorrow!