The Melbourne International Coffee Expo has come to an end for another year, with announcements taking place at the end of the show on Saturday, March 24.

ONA Coffee is proud to announce that several of our representatives gained podium positions in the Barista and Brewers Cup Championships.

In the Australian Barista Championships, three of the six finalists were representing ONA Coffee – Angus Mackie, Danny Wilson and Matthew Lewin. After winning the Central Region Barista Championship last year, Angus began the competition as the highest ranked qualifier, followed by the eventual 2018 champion, Veneziano’s Craig Simon. Other finalists included St Ali’s Anthony Douglas and Northern Region Barista Champion, Tilly Sproule of Tim Adams Specialty Coffee.

All of the finalists gave very impressive performances throughout the last day of competition. Angus impressed the judges with two seperate pieces of innovation – the first, a humidifier which he uses to remove CO2 from ground coffee to promote texture in his espresso and the second, the Milk Cloud steamless milk machine, which Angus invented and was unveiled at the World Barista Championships 2017 by Hugh Kelly. 

Danny Wilson used his 15 minutes on stage to explore the intricacies of customer service, using his three courses to discuss the different kinds of customers baristas experience in specialty coffee and the beverages we use to educate them further.

Matthew Lewin  achieved second place at the 2017 national barista championship, so arrived in Melbourne ready to impress. He introduced a new technique of freezing coffee to the judges, know as Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezing. Using this method, he was able to pause the ageing process in roasted coffee when it ‘peaked’ in flavour and proved it by serving two month-old coffee to the sensory judges.

The results the for Australian Barista Championship 2018 are as follows:

1st – Craig Simon, Veneziano
2nd – Anthony Douglas, Axil Coffee Roasters
3rd – Angus Mackie, ONA Coffee
4th – Matthew Lewin, ONA Coffee
5th – Tilly Sproule, Tim Adams Specialty Coffee
6th – Danny Wilson, ONA Coffee


The Brewers Cup Championship also saw many new innovations and great performances across the days of competition. ONA Coffee’s Isaac (Yechan) Kim and Devin Loong were able to make it to the finals, joined by Heath Dalziel of Third Time Lucky (Adelaide) who was also using ONA Coffee.

Isaac used his time on stage to explore an experimental lot from Ethiopia called Jasper. Using a unique dosing tool and experimenting with particle sizes, Isaac explored the ways in which water interacts with particles and their distribution.

Having won the Brewers Cup Championship in two previous years, Devin was keen to impress the judges. He introduced a method he dubbed the ‘Loong Pour’, which examined pouring in the preparation of filter coffee and how it effects balance, acidity, sweetness and strength. He also used an experimental Ethiopian lot, known as the Indigo. 

ONA Coffee is also proud to announce that first time Brewers Cup competitor Heath Dalziel is the new Australian Brewers Cup Champion! Heath used a Natural process Geisha from Finca Deborah in Panama, and we couldn’t be prouder of him and his amazing effort. Well done, Heath!

The results the for Australian Brewers Cup Championship 2018 are as follows:

1st – Heath Dalziel, Third Time Lucky
2nd – Devin Loong, ONA Coffee
3rd – Achie Chiu, Code Black Coffee

Congratulations once again to all competitors on fantastic performances and for continuing to inspire us!