The coffee, known as the CM Selections’ Diamond is part of an experimental carbonic maceration lot from the ZB washing station in Mesina, in the Guji region of Ethiopia.

Diamond was sourced by Project Origin and roasted by ONA Coffee for Agnieszka’s competition. Before leaving for the World of Coffee Expo in Amsterdam, the ONA Coffee roasting team passed on some of the coffee to ONA Coffee Marrickville Head Barista, Isaac Kim.

“We got pretty lucky, I guess – they were taking a lot of equipment and coffee over to Amsterdam and they couldn’t quite fit all the coffee,” he said.

“Now we have an opportunity to share it with our customers, which is really special.”

While not the exact same roast used by Agnieszka on the world stage in her finals performance, the coffee being served this weekend was roasted by the same person.

“This roast is slightly more developed than the one used by Aga [sic] on stage,” said Sam Corra, Head Roaster for ONA Coffee.

“It will mean a slightly heavier flavour expression that the experience from the WBC finals.”

ONA Coffee Marrickville opens it’s doors at 8am on Saturday, with the coffee being served on a first come, first serve basis.

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