This special blend crafted by the ONA Coffee roasting team has been created using a mixture of single origin coffees from Africa, India and Papua New Guinea.

Head Roaster of ONA Coffee, Sam Corra says that the mixture of these coffees create the unique ‘Easter Egg’ flavours of the blend.

“The coffees we are using are created using specific techniques, which accentuates different flavour profiles in the cup,” he said.

“We are using carbonic maceration-processed coffees from Ethiopia to bring complexity of sweetness and texture to the blend, and the coffees from India and Papua New Guinea help to balance this sweetness and prolong the experience on the palate.”

The ‘Easter Egg’ blend has a sweet, milk chocolate flavour quality. When paired with milk, this quality transitions into a sweet, caramel chocolate similar to a Creme Egg.

For those wishing to use the Easter egg Blend at home, all tasting notes and recipes to create the perfect cup are provided via ONA Coffee’s website.

“We want people to be able to replicate the recipes and methods we use when they are in their own home,” says Sam.

“We utilise QR codes and URLs on our packaging to direct people towards our online database, which contains recipes and information about each coffee we currently stock.”

The Easter egg blend will be publicly available from Thursday, March 14 until the Easter holidays in late April.

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