Members of the ONA Coffee team are currently deep in the mountains of Honduras at one of the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE) research centres, participating in the Project Origin ‘Best of Honduras: Late Harvest’ auction event.

Over several days the team will act as judges in several rounds of coffee cupping, tasting and scoring coffees from various regions across the country.

The ‘Best of’ auctions were established by ONA Coffee founder, Sasa Sestic through collaboration with various coffee farmers in Honduras.

Gage Osborne, a member of the ONA Coffee roasting team, says that the opportunity to travel to origin is invaluable for understanding coffee and the processes involved in producing it.

“You don’t really realise what goes into a cup of coffee until you get here and see it all for yourself,” he said.

“As a roaster you gain an understanding of how coffees vary and how to approach them. However, there is so much incredible work that happens in coffee producing countries that the general consumer isn’t aware of.”

After several days of tasting and scoring coffees, the judges will select a Top 20 and they will be released to a live, online auction. Other coffees just below these top 20 scores will be released as non-auction lots via the Cropster Hub website.

“I’m excited to taste more coffees and see what else Honduras has to offer,” Gage said.

Read more about the auction event here .