This is a part of an initiative by ONA Coffee to exercise sustainability and to more effectively share information about the coffees we are using. For a little over a year, we have included brew guides and origin information for our blends and single origins on our packaging.

As anyone that loves coffee will know, approaches to and theories on the preparation of coffee are constantly changing; likewise, the coffees we use to achieve certain flavour profiles in our blends also change, according to the different crops of coffee from across the globe.

We work with the ethos Connecting communities, sharing flavour. Part of this is being able to effectively and smoothly talk to the people who use and love our coffee, and to be able to share information about this coffee with them. This new packaging will allow everyone to scan the codes with a QR scanner (free on App stores) or to search the URL on the packaging to reach the same page.

As times change and technology becomes more integrated into the world of coffee, we must look for new ways to adapt and to share information with our peers and customer. This new system will help us to reduce waste, update blend information, brew guides and recipes, and most importantly share all this information with our customers, instantly.

Our website and mobile version have been completely updated, to make all this information more user-friendly and easy to access.

Any questions about the new packaging can be directed to

Want to try it out? Scan below to see the new coffees we are using in our Raspberry Candy blend!