Although several weeks have passed since the announcement of the Golden Bean Roasting Championships, the trophy for the Small Franchise Champion has just made its way home to Canberra to the winner, Espresso Room.

Founder and Director of Espresso Room, Michael ‘Mick’ Rose is no stranger to success in the Golden Bean competition, having won the Overall Small Franchise Champion trophy twice previously.

“It’s a really fantastic feeling to do well in such a well-regarded competition, especially with the amount of entries we’re seeing these days,” said Mick.

“The Golden Bean competition grows even bigger every year and we’re honoured to be selected as the winners in the largest competition of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Having opened the first Espresso Room cafe in Canberra in 2015, Mick’s business has now grown into multiple venues across the ACT, all of which use ONA Coffee.

“Saša [Šestić] and I have been really good friends for years and when it came to opening the first Espresso Room, it was only natural that I use ONA Coffee,” said Mick.

“It has been an incredible journey as our businesses have grown in their own right and with each other – we’ve built an even stronger friendship over the years and receiving awards like the Golden Bean trophy is an indication of how great relationships like this lead to great things.”

As part of the Small Franchise entry, Espresso Room contracted ONA Coffee to enter multiple coffees in three categories: milk, espresso and filter.

Head Roaster of ONA Coffee, Sam Corra personally roasted and packed all of the entries for Espresso Room, which included several house blends and single origin coffees.

“Seeing Espresso Room win this award again is really rewarding, especially when it comes to the house blends,” said Sam.

“It’s great to know that the coffee these venues are serving customers every day from behind the bar are also enjoyed by our peers in the specialty coffee industry.”

To read more about Espresso Room, visit their website or follow them on social media at @espressorooms .