Tell us a bit about your background, how you came to open your venues and what your ethos is in these venues:

Well myself (Jacobe) came from Byron Bay, so I’ve always been brought up on the ocean and in the garden with a sustainable living approach, which has brought me to where we are now. I’ve always wanted to open my own venue [sic] but also wanted to create something unique and different; there’s so much competition out there and everyone seems to be doing the same thing with food and coffee. Lucile wanted to bring a bit of her French culture and how she was brought up on a farm, and to showcase her passion for simple good French food.

What inspired you to remove single use takeaway cups from your coffee service?

Well being from Byron Bay it’s easy it’s installed into us from a young age to use reusable products. Also seeing the huge problem in the world today with single use products and how it’s turning into a disposable culture, it’s been my passion to do what I can to do our part to help the world become a step forward in becoming a more sustainable business.

What are the challenges you have faced, or expected in your project or removing these cups from your service?

Well it is a big risk to see how everyone adapts to the change at our Mona Vale store, we went on to inform everyone over a month saying we will be ridding our store of takeaway coffee cups. Also another challenge was making sure we have enough stock and to make sure we don’t lose to many tradespeople or customers that want to be quick, which is why we use the Huskee swap and go system.

With our Dee Why store, we just wanted to make a statement on the Northern Beaches and be the first to not stock takeaway cups at all, and to encourage customers to sit and enjoy the experience in beautiful atmosphere. And if they don’t have time to sit, then they are able to get onto our Huskee swap system.

Were there discussions with staff about this change, or did you decide to do it?

Not really, we always knew we wanted to go this way, we just didn’t know we would be doing it so fast!

Tell us a bit about the response from the community: 

Well we ran a few Instagram posts for both cafes and the response was amazing, we have so many people supporting us and sharing the posts.

It really means a lot when the local community backs you in such a full on movement like this.

Do you expect this to become more common in businesses in the coming years? Why?

Yes for sure, especially if more people get on board and share the movement, more business will get on board the bigger the impact we can have. We need to be more forward thinking about our future and reducing single use plastics.

There’s a quote from Miyamoto Musashi which I always am reminded with in regards to this subject “Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world”

What do you think about ONA Coffee removing single use takeaway cups from their wholesale distribution to cafes?

Well ONA have always been forward thinking in the coffee industry this is one of the reasons we wanted to work with ona, I think this is awesomeness and this movement makes me like them even more haha, other companies will follow. The coffee industry needs a change like this, and maybe the world will follow in our footsteps.


Learn more about sustainable and reusable alternatives and the #giveupthecup campaign at