Starring Saša and directed by The Coffee Man director Jeff Hann, the new project titled ‘Coffee Man Chronicles’ is part-sequel, part new project that seeks to explore coffee origins and the long journey from farm to cup.

“Saša and I have been talking for a while about what kind of film we wanted to make after The Coffee Man [film],” said Jeff.

“Through that film, I saw that storytelling is such a powerful tool … the Chronicles will allow us to go back to the farm level, to capture coffee producers in their work and to share these stories with people in their homes.”

Coffee Man Chronicles will focus on stories at the origins of coffee and the people who grow it, told through the eyes of ‘The Coffee Man’, Saša.

“I think it’s really important that we start encouraging more coffee films; people just connect with them,” said Saša.

“We understand so much about other things in the world, like food and wine – why not coffee? [The] Chronicles is our way of sharing the story of coffee with every one in the world, in a beautiful and engaging way.”

Coffee Man Chronicles will include stories from producers, exploring various regions and looking at how coffee production varies across the globe.

The series will focus on connecting the different ends of the coffee chain – from farm and origin to the cup, including competitions, innovations and ways in which different people approach coffee.

“Each coffee origin has unique, emotional and interesting stories to tell, and we believe it is important to share them,” said Jeff.

“… our hope is to capture these stories through Sasa’s eyes and show people just what goes into creating coffee.”

So, when can you watch it? The first instalment of Coffee Man Chronicles is scheduled for release in 2019, with the team planning filming between now and harvest seasons at origin.

The origin that the first of the Chronicles will focus on is yet to be announced, with filming beginning in the coming months.

“We’ll be keeping everyone updated on the journey as we film the Chronicles,” Jeff said.

“We can’t wait to start this project and to share these unique coffee stories with the rest of the world. ”




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