“I wanted to take inspiration from Sasa Sestic’s original World Barista Championship cappuccino. By again looking to the iconic berry flavours of Australian Shiraz and combining it with coffee and an Australian Rye whiskey this drink has a lot of exciting flavours on offer.

The milk-washing technique of clarification is taken from recipes dating back hundreds of years but is seeing a resurgence in modern cocktails for the smooth and creamy texture it brings to a drink, perfect for this coffee cocktail. This method does take a little more time to make than my previous drinks but it’s also great for making in advance and tastes so good you’ll be happy you made the effort!” – Danny Wilson


Coffee preparation: French Press
Dose 30g ground medium-fine (close to espresso) Raspberry Candy Blend. Add 120g of 93° water and stir until all coffee is saturated. Leave the brew for 1 minute before steadily plunging and decanting into your mixing glass.


Cocktail recipe:
80ml brewed Raspberry Candy
50ml The Gospel Solera Rye
30ml Australian Shiraz
20ml simple syrup
5ml Apple cider vinegar
40ml Riverina Fresh Gold milk




1. Combine all ingredients except for the milk and stir until combined. Pour this mixture into a second glass which already contains the milk and sit in the fridge for one hour. You will notice that the milk curdled and the liquid may begin to separate. If this has not happened, try adding an extra 5ml of vinegar. The milk curds will help to clarify the drink during the filtering stage and improve the taste of the cocktail!


2. Prepare some muslin or a cheese cloth in a sieve or pour-over cone as your filter. If the cloth has quite large holes or is coarse, you can fold it over itself a few times to create a tight mesh. Slowly pour the mixture through the cloth and the milk curds will create a nest that the drink is filtered through. You should notice the finished cocktail is coming out quite clear! If some cloudiness remains you can pass the whole drink back through being careful not to disturb the best. Chill and store the drink in the fridge until you are ready to enjoy!


Check out more of Danny’s cocktails and techniques via his drinks account, @thirst_impressions