For the first week, Danny has prepared a cocktail he calls ‘Il Sicario’ – a bittersweet riff on a classic Italian apéritif, made using ‘The Hitman’ blend.


Cocktail ingredients:
15ml Whisky
30ml Amaro/sweet vermouth
45ml Coffee cordial
Orange peel

Coffee cordial preparation (Aeropress):
Start with 30g finely ground coffee of ‘The Hitman‘ blend (15 clicks on a Comandante, or between filter and espresso setting) in an inverted Aeropress.

Add 120g of 90°C water and stir 10 times, until coffee is all saturated. Add cap with paper filter and flip onto sturdy vessel. Begin slow press at 1 minute, finishing at approximately 1 minutes and 30 seconds.

Add 20g of brown or raw sugar and a pinch of salt then refrigerate for 30 minutes, or until at least room temp or colder. Makes 90ml coffee cordial.


Add 15mL Whisky, 30mL Amaro/Sweet vermouth and 45mL of Coffee Cordial and stir over ice until cold. Strain into chilled rocks glass with fresh ice and garnish with a thick slice of orange peel.

You can create your own personalised version of this drink by using your favourite whisky and amaro. For my version I chose amazing Australian options of Starward Two-fold whisky and Økar Australian Amaro.


For more coffee-inspired cocktails and creative drinks, check out Danny’s drinks page at @thirst_impressions