The results from the Central Region Brewers Cup were announced on Sunday afternoon, with Project Origin’s Yanina Ferreyra claiming 1st place and  ONA Coffee Marrickville Head Barista Isaac Kim claiming 2nd place in the competition.

In the Brewers Cup Competition, competitors must brew three filter coffees for judges in a 10-minute period, while accurately describing the aroma, flavour, body, balance, acidity and overall impression of the coffee.

Having once worked for ONA Coffee as a barista, Yanina now works as a green bean buyer for Project Origin, which began as a green bean sourcing project through ONA Coffee but now operates independently as a global green bean-sourcing company.

Yanina used a carbonic maceration-processed Ethiopian heirloom coffee, from the Project Origin CM Selections. The coffee, named ‘Jasper 0418’ was created using controlled fermentation processes in the ZB Washing Station in Guji, Masina.

In her performance, Yanina spoke about her experiences as a barista and green bean buyer, particularly about how experimental processing can be a risky venture for coffee producers.

Isaac used a whole cherry carbonic maceration geisha coffee, produced by Jamison Savage in Boquete, Panama. In his performance, Isaac spoke to the judges about his experience of running a ‘coffee experience’ bar in Sydney and how each coffee is able to be uniquely presented to customers.

Yanina automatically advances to the finals of the Australian Brewers Cup, which will be held at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) in February 2019.