Hosted at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (2019) by the Australian Specialty Coffee Association, the competitions are held over several days and involve competitors presenting different styles of coffee to a panel of judges.

This afternoon, the finalists for the Brewers Cup, Barista, Latte Art and Cup Tasters Championships were announced, with several baristas from ONA Coffee advancing to the final stages of the competitions.

Two time Australian Barista Champion Hugh Kelly advanced to the finals after presenting a carbonic maceration-processed geisha to the judges, showing how different fermentation techniques via an ongoing project with producer Jamison Savage have created unique flavour profiles in his coffee.

Matthew Lewin also advanced to the finals with his presentation to the judges focusing on coffees from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras an exploring ways in which specialty coffee can be shared with the general consumer, to bring them into the ‘specialty bubble’.

Joao Carlos Henriques advanced to the finals after a long hiatus from competition. Joao’s semi-finals performance was centred around his travels to El Salvador and work with producer Gilberto Baraona of Los Pirineos coffee farm. Joao presented a carbonic maceration-processed pacamara to the judges, finishing his performance with a signature drink complete with a black lime simple syrup, fig balsamic, nectarine/green tea infusion and oak chip-infused soda water.

2019 Central Region Barista Champion, Angus Mackie has also advanced to the final stage of the barista championships, impressing the judges with his presentation on ‘tasting systems’ between the brain, mouth and nose. Angus also used custom temperature gauges to measure his espressos, instructing the judges to sip at particular temperature intervals.

The finalists for the barista championships, in no particular order are as follows:

Tilly Sproule (Tim Adams Specialty Coffee)
Anthony Douglas (Axil Coffee Roasters)
Joao Carlos Henriques (ONA Coffee)
Hugh Kelly (ONA Coffee)
Angus Mackie (ONA Coffee)
Matthew Lewin (ONA Coffee)

Isaac Kim and Devin Loong will also represent ONA Coffee tomorrow, competing in the Australian Brewers Cup Championship finals with Project Origin sourced coffees alongside Project Origin representative, Yanina Ferreyra

Good luck to everyone competing in tomorrow’s competitions!!